We all have those special jewelry pieces that mom, dad, pop pop, or grandmom gave us and found objects that remind us of happy moments.

Where are these items now?  In a box, in a drawer, in a bag....and you said many times "I should do something with this".

One of the reasons I became a jewelry designer was I felt jewelry has a strong impact on us. It makes you feel good, strong, happy and comfortable. My favorite projects are with my AMAZING customers who bring their bags or boxes of pieces and want to make something they can wear and continue to enjoy the memories.

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One of my early custom pieces was designed for a fellow who had a crippling condition that prevented him

from scuba diving. During his last dive off Costa Rica he found this Spanish coin.  He said he had for over 20 years and was waiting to make a necklace with it but was waiting to find a "connection". We connected.

The coin has very interesting markings on both sides so I wanted him to be able to see both sides and wear it either way. The bail is on a hinge and it hangs from a heavy chain.

This is an elk tooth that my customer got while hunting as a boy with his father and shot it with a bow. He had it in a bag for over 50 years.  The sterling silver arrow head holds the tooth and it hangs from a 24" snake chain.

This hand cut pendant was requested by a customer's husband in memory of their Newfoundland dog that passed away. It was emotional making this because my sweet chocolate lab was growing old. Rocky has since passed. I should make me a lab pendant!

A dear friend's husband had a stroke a few years ago and is unable to wear his wedding ring. She lost her wedding ring years ago. The rings were custom made with white gold. She wanted to make her husband's ring into a necklace she could wear and wanted a ring for which she could use several loose diamonds she had from other family heirlooms.

I cut her husband's ring into 3 pieces, embedded several diamonds and made them into sliders to go on a collar necklace. I wanted her to have her wedding ring back so I made her ring in the style of the wedding rings and mounted several diamonds.

Making New Memories